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Pakistan Army rejects NATO apologies- Don’t Say sorry ’cause you aren’t feeling guilty !

Pakistan blocks Afghanistan NATO supplies after check post attack

Pakistani authorities on Saturday blocked the NATO supply route to Afghanistan after an attack on a border check post killed at least 24 Pakistani soldiers. The attack by NATO helicopters on a check post located in Mohmand Agnecy killed at least 24 soldiers and injured 12.
Official sources confirmed the suspension of supplies, adding that all containers were stopped at the Takhta Baig check post in Jamrud tehsil of Khyber Agency.

“We have suspended the supply and will not let even a single container move ahead,” the official added.
“We have stopped NATO supplies after receiving orders from the federal government,” Mutahir Hussain, a senior administration official in Khyber tribal region, on the Afghan border, told AFP. ”Supply trucks are being sent back to Peshawar.”

Takhta Baig is the first check post followed by four more check posts in the tribal areas and is the shortest possible route to Afghanistan.

Vacant Shamsi Air Base in 15 Days – Defence Cabinet Committee

Rawalpindi – The Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) in its emergency meeting chaired by Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Saturday evening reiterated the resolve of the Pakistani people and Armed Forces to safeguard the country’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity at all costs.

In accordance with the resolution of the Joint Session of the Parliament of May 14, 2011, the DCC decided to close with immediate effect the NATO/ISAF logistics supply lines. The DCC also decided to ask the United States (US) to vacate the Shamsi Airbase within 15 days.

Pakistan had clearly conveyed to US/NATO/ISAF its red lines which constituted an integral element of Pakistan’s cooperation that was based on a partnership approach.
The attack on Pakistan Army border posts is totally unacceptable and warrants an effective national response, the DCC added.


NATO attack – Funeral of 24 Soldiers offered in Peshawar Corps Head Quarters

Peshawar – The funeral prayers of 24 Pakistan army soldiers and officers martyred in NATO air strikes in Mohmand Agency were offered here in Peshawar on Sunday at Peshawar garrison.
Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amir Haider Khan Hoti, KPK Governor Barrister Masood Kausar and hundreds of army jawans attended the funerals.

Pakistan Army rejects NATO apologies

 Rawalpindi – In a strong message, the Pakistani army told North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) on Monday that they will not accept the latter’s apologies over the attack made by them at a Pakistani checkpost on Saturday.

North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) helicopters attacked a checkpost in Pakistan-Afghanistan border on Saturday killing 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said that the regrets and apologies made by NATO officials were not enough.


We are not afraid of death nor

demand apology or compensation

from our enemies. We will see

them in the battle field, InshAllah,

and we swear to Allah to extract

our revenge through our swords!

By Allah, we will!

from :united youth of Pakistan!

Spiritual Dimensions of PAKISTAN!

Pakistan is a phenomenon which only a person who is Pakistani at heart can understand! A few years back I was also confused about what will happen and why is everything bad happening in Pakistan? There was a thought in my mind that I should also try to get a chance to “Run away” to some distant land.

But as I was raised up with the words of “Pakistan Hamari Jaan”, the thought of running away from Pakistan wasn’t accepted by the heart that still had some greenness left in it.

So I started searching for answers if the situation in Pakistan will ever get better.

As most of the worldly things about Pakistan didn’t give a positive image I was led to the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan.

As soon as I start exploring the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan it was as if some Ray of hope had entered my heart. Wherever I started looking I saw the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan in action.


 From the predictions of Naimat-ullah Shah Wali some 900 years back to the still living Awliya Allah, everyone had some secrets to tell. I still remember asking a Buzurg What is Pakistan? His reply was like an eye opener for me to change the way I look at Pakistan he said

“This land is where Allah showed his power and will show his power” His words that Allah showed his power in this land point towards history of Muhammad Bin Qasim, Shabuddin Ghauri, Mughals and various Muslim commanders whom Allah used to show his power.”

But I didn’t understand in future how will a nation with great ethnic divide and sectarianism used by Allah to show his power?

As Pakistan very cleverly and with great investment from the Zionist lobby has been given the gift of ethnic divide and racism. Political parties aided these secret societies in creating the ethnic divide.

Today in Pakistan you are a Sindi, Punjabi, Balochi, Mohajir, Pathan and God knows what but not a Pakistani.

But suddenly a country known for its terrorism United States of America started using threatening words against Pakistan and what was the result? For some moments all the investment went to waste as every common man started saying,unity

 O’America! This isn’t Afghanistan; this isn’t Iraq, This Is Pakistan! At that moment no one thought of anything else instead that we all are Pakistani’s!

America might have thought that after great investment in Pakistani media and political parties

they have done enough to break Pakistan and the Pakistani people will not respond to American threats

but that is what they thought as we again proved that for us only the sight of the enemy is enough to unite us.

 I believe that after so many failures in breaking Pakistan even the Zionist lobby would be saying What Is Pakistan?

Coming back to the spiritual dimension of Pakistan one very important prediction about Pakistan comes from a very famous saint of Islamabad Hazrat Imam Bari.

Mumtaz Mufti in his book “Alak Nagri” on page 760 writes that Qudratullah Shahab told him that in Holland he was going through one of the largest collection of Islamic books that suddenly his eyes came on a handwritten book in whichit was written that Hazrat Bari Imam said thatmadina sani

“In our area one Islamic city will come into existence which will become

the centerof all Islamic countries.”

The first Muslim state which was formed by the migration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and other Muslims was Medina. After 1300 years another Muslim state was formed by the migration of Muslims. What the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did for Islam was repeated by those who created Pakistan. This honor was also only for our ancestors.

Pakistan is at the centre of all the news in the world which hints thatlove you pak

we have a very strong role to play in the future.

We should start understanding the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan

end of americaand the role it plays as today the ground realities are severely against Pakistan but still we stand today against all odds because without doubt Allah is the best planners.”


source: excerpt from Article-what is Pakistan

author:Abdul Qadir Memon 

Don’t MESS with PAKISTAN!!

Don’t Strike, We Have Nukes, Pakistan Army Chief Kayani Warns US 


Pakistan’s all powerful army chief, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, has warned the US not to launch a military offensive into his country’s tribal region. Asking the US to “think 10 times” before moving into North Waziristan, Kayani reminded the Americans that Pakistan is a nuclear power and should not be compared with Iraq or Afghanistan, media reports said Wednesday.


“They (US) might do it but they will have to think ten times because Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan,” Kayani was quoted by The Express Tribune as telling members of parliament’s defence committee during a briefing on Tuesday. A lawmaker had asked him to comment on the possibility of a US strike on Pakistan.

The US has been putting pressure on Pakistan to go after Haqqani network militants in North Waziristan, who cross the border to attack US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The Dawn newspaper quoted Kayani as ruling out the possibility of an “immediate unilateral US military offensive”.

The army chief said the US had been told that Pakistan did not need military aid, adding he had received a call from Washington asking if he meant it. “My reply was we mean what we say.”



This was formed in 1948 and their headquarters are in Islamabad, Pakistan. ISI has the lengthiest record of success, After the Indo-Pakistan war of 1947 this was formed in 1948. ISI have won more GOLD MEDALS than any other intelligence agency and Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, PA Director General is leading this intelligence agency.
They have the highest number of agents all over the world, almost 10,000, ISI is one of the strongest intelligence agencies of the world. Pakistan is really proud of it! 


Pak Army Declared Worlds NO.1 Strongest Army 2010 in Cambrian Patrols 

Pak Army Declared Worlds NO.1 Strongest Army 2010 in Cambrian Patrols
Pakistan Army Rawalpindi Corps team had won a Gold Medal dueARMY to best performance in a three day Cambrian Patrol exercise, 2010. According to a communique issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), exercise Cambrian Patrol organized in United Kingdom aimed to arrange training of military teams establishment across the world. During the three-days event in UK, Rawalpindi corps team infiltrated enemy lines and performed multiple tasks. In 2010, 86 teams participated in the exercise, including 70 British and 16 from other countries, including USA, Canada, Germany, France, India and Pakistan. However, Pakistan Army, displayed an excellent performance and won a gold medal

 SOURCE:British Forces News


When we come to Sky No One Dare to Fly.. Salute to Air Warriors Of Pakistan. Pakistan Air Force  

MISSION: To provide, in synergy with other services, the
most efficient, assured and cost effective aerial
 De fence of Pakistan. Integrity, Duty, Excellence To be among the most respected Air Force of the world.

the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal(False Messiah), Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ(True Messiah.)

Prophet Muhammad prophesied the advent of an Imām who would emerge by Divine decree to lead the world of Islam at that time when the true Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them all), was about to return.  The Prophet declared of that end-time Imām that he would arise from within the ranks of the Muslims:

“How would you be”, he said, “when the son of Mary descends amongst you and your Imām would be from your own ranks!” (Sahīh Bukhāri).The true Messiah( Jesus) son of Mary

An Imām in the religion of Islam is both a religious as well as a political leader; hence the office of the Imām is synonymous with that of Amīr or Khalīfa (Caliph).

 The Hadīth therefore prophesied that one (Islamic) government would eventually rule over the entire world of Islam, and that the Imām would be both the political as well as the religious head of that government.

Imam AL -Mehdi

It is far-fetched to presume that such a momentous transformation of the world of Islam which would extricate Muslims from the paralyzing grip of the United Nations Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc., and which would restore the Gold Dinār and silver Dirham as money, can be achieved without an armed struggle for liberation.

That armed struggle is confirmed in a Hadīth narrated by Ali (radiallahu ‘anhu) in which the Prophet declared that the Imām, who would be his descendent, and hence an Arab, would emerge not only to restore the Islamic Khilāfah but also to restore peace and justice to a world that would at that time be filled with injustice and oppression. He would therefore defeat all the forces of injustice and oppression prevalent in the world at that time:

“Even if only a day remains for Qiyāmah to come, yet Allah will surely send a man from my family who will fill this world with such justice and fairness, just as it initially was filled with oppression.”(Abu Dawud)


This essay suggests that an Israeli attack on IRAN and PAKSITAN), expected at any time now, is likely to provoke the emergence of yet another such person who would claim to be the Imām al-Mahdi. This is a matter of much more than passing importance for the followers of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam)

since the advent of Imām al-Mahdi occupies a position of supreme importance in Islamic eschatology – both Shia as well as Sunni.IMaam AL MEHDI

Since the mysterious emergence from within Europe’s bosom of Pax Britanica, and its successor Pax Americana, the world has experienced unprecedented political economic cultural racial and military oppression and injustice

 While Muslims have always remained the primary target of these awesomely powerful forces of oppression, they have not been their exclusive target. The primitive peoples of the world, resident in particular in such “ethnically-cleansed” lands as USA, Canada, many parts of South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere have been literally wiped out like cockroaches.Allah

Muslims are now preparing themselves for the greatest oppression of all which they expect from the Pax Judaica that is about to replace Pax Americana.

Indeed this writer recognizes Israel’s Pax Judaica to be the Daabatul Ard (or beast of the land) which is one of the major Signs of the Last Day prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alahi wa sallam).”

When Israel does launch an attack on Iran’s and Pakistan’s nuclear plants, it is certain that the Judeo-Christian Zionists would respond by placing unbearable pressure on USA, UK and NATO to join in the war in support of Israel. That war, as well as other possible wars to follow, would ultimately realize for Israel the status of ruling state in the world. Israel will then attempt to impose Pax Judaica upon mankind. Only when that has been achieved – and it does seem possible that it can be achieved, can we expect Dajjāl to appear in person in our world of space and time.

This essay warns of the possible loss of faith by many Muslims if and when Israel does launch an attack on Iranand Pakistan, and either Sunnis or Shia are subsequently deceived into embracing a false Imām al-Mahdi.  That traumatic loss of faith can occur when the false Imām is eventually killed or assassinated, or he becomes a willing client (Saudi-style) of those now waging war on Islam


When Imam al-Mahdi does emerge, and proclaims himself to be the Mahdi, Muslims would be required to pledge their allegiance to him (Baiyah) and join him even if they have to crawl over ice to do so. A refusal to pledge allegiance to the Imam would entail dire consequences in this world as well as the next. But Muslims have to beware that that do not pledge their allegiance to a false Mahdi since the consequences of such a mistake will also be severe.  

Note: The terms Pax Britanica, Pax Americana and Pax Judaica refer to world orders over which Britain, USA and Israel ruled.Pax Islamica on the other hand is comprised of Dar al-Islam or the world which submits to Allah’s sovereignty and which is ruled in accordance with Allah final law as revealed in the Qur’an. It is also comprised of Dar al-Ahd or the world which lives in a state of contractual peace and non-aggression with Dar al-Islam, and Dar al-Harb or the world of injustice and oppression which must eventually be liberated from oppression.




Age of Awsome Deception- The false MESSIAH(Dajjal)!!

One people today totally dominate and control the entire world, its politics, economy, culture, news, sports, entertainment, fashions, travel, etc. They possess absolute power that no possible combination of rivals can now challenge. Moreover, there is no secular evidence to suggest that their powerful grip over the whole world can ever be successfully challenged. They do much more than control the world

. They change, unfold and reinvent themselves, and then change the world as well, until it becomes their carbon copy. They have broken down all the barriers that have for ages separated people from each other, and a single global society has emerged for the first time in human history with a single language, English.


 They are the Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order (i.e., modern secular western civilization), and they are an absolutely unique phenomenon in history.



The ‘world-order’ wages relentless war on the religious way of life in general, and on Islam in particular. They use their absolute power to corrupt, to oppress, and to engage in acts of injustice and wickedness with no parallel in history.

 Jewish Christian ‘white’ war crimes now inflicted on Arab Muslim Iraq are but a continuation of ‘white’ apartheid inflicted on black Christian Africa. Their greed is indescribable. They suck the wealth of all of mankind through legalized theft, and they even take from the poor the little that they possess. Eventually they imprison all of mankind in a new economic slavery.


They are essentially godless and amazingly decadent, and possess such powers of deception that appearance’ and ‘reality’ are always opposite to each other in everything they do.

Europe also became Jewish and created the white’ Zionist Movement which then fanatically pursued the goals of the Jewish return to the Holy Land and the restoration of a State of Israel. European Jews successfully led the way, employing means more crooked than straight, for the restoration of a State of Israel in the Holy Land. They used the same means to literally force the Israelite Jews, long resident in the Muslim world, to migrate to that secular State of Israel.


The Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order has protected and strengthened that Israel to such an extent that it has now become a super-power. Indeed it will soon become the ‘ruling state in the world.

We now present in summary, the evidence from the Qur’an that supports our identification of Gog and Magog with the present world-order.


In Surah al-Kahf of the Qur’an (Chapter 18 entitled ‘the Cave’), as well as in Prophetic commentary (Ahadith), Gog and Magog are described as two people who descended from father Adam (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) and who were created by Allah Most High, and endowed with great power.


“None but I can destroy them”, said Allah (Sahih Muslim).


Surah al-Kahf has described how they were contained behind an iron barrier because they used their power to commit acts of Fasad (acts of wickedness, oppression, corruption).


 The Surah also implied that they would use power to wage war on those who lived lives of faith and righteousness, and that they would act malevolently against those who lived the primitive way of life, or who eked out a bare subsistence living (as in Haiti).


Thus the picture emerged of an absolutely godless and ruthless people who had the hearts of beasts

 source: signs of Last day(excerpt from Article)

Author: imran Nazar hosein

(To be continued.)





Has the Moment Arrived -PART 3??

According to the sayings of Rasul e Rahmat (May peace be upon him), the few years before the arrival of Dajaal, that will of deceit and deception, to a large extent can be applicable to the world of today. This load of deceit and deception is moved forward by the force of media, which is gathering the Dajjali forces and uniting them under a single agenda for the coming times. The macro level condition of this agenda is evident by this saying of Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him) and, the slaughter and murder prevalent today.

He (May peace be upon him) said

“Ulema (scholars) will definitely face an era, where they will be murdered like thieves are murdered.” (Al Taqreeb Al Meezan)

Hazrat Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) said

“Ulema (scholars) will definitely face an era, where their death will be more beloved then red gold.” (Mutadarak Hakim)

Look all around you, from the global media to any local newspaper, magazine or television screen. You will only be shown and presented as symbols of hatred only and only those whose faces and outlook were once a symbol of religiosity and chastity. From the police check post’s to airports, important buildings and borders around the world, the people with the outlook and dressing of a vagabond, alcoholic or hooligan are not stopped.

But the person whose dressing and outlook till yesterday was recognised with a relation to Allah, he today has to face humiliation and disrespect like a thief, robber or a terrorist. If we prepare a list of the 1.5 million who were martyred in Iraq and Afghanistan, you will not find amongst them any alcohol trader, casino owner, pimp, extortioner or a global narcotic smuggler. But majority amongst them are those who spent their day and nights in the fear of Allah, who had trust and reliance on Allah like the Muslims of the past. Even if the whole world with their material power over runs them, they alone would raise the voice of truth. All these 1.5 Million were neither Al Qaeda, neither Taliban nor terrorists. But they all were killed like thieves, vagabonds and dacoits. If today anyone voices in their favour, then people say that he is a partner of the terrorists, he is a Taliban, and he is an Al Qaeda. Like this we are living in an era which is of deceit and deception,

as per the prophecy of my Rasul (May peace be upon him). In which those who hold some connection with Allah Taala and hold the knowledge of his deen are being murdered like thieves.

In this era and before the advent of Dajaal, in both sides the preparation will remain in progress. The forces corroborating with Dajaal will continue to strengthen his system. So when he arrives, he will use this already established system to implement his agenda.

And on the other side my Allah in opposition to this system will continue to strengthen the resistive and defensive forces. Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him) clarified and enlightened us about the preparations of both the systems

He (May peace be upon him) said

“When people will be divided into two camps… One is the Ahle Imaan (people of faith) camp, which will not contain any hypocrisy… The second camp will be of hypocrites, which will contain no Imaan (faith). And when the people of faith will be on one side and hypocrites gathered on the other side, then wait for Dajaal, he will appear today or tomorrow.” (Abu Dawud ‘Mutadarik’ Al Fatan Naeem bin Hammad)”

Now let us see where the camp of the people of faith is. Which is the land, about which it has been said that from it will appear those that will struggle? And will face the might of Dajaal. They will be the soldiers of Syedna Imam Mehdi. My beloved Rasul (May peace be upon him) clearly defined and expressed this land.

“When the black flags will appear from the East. Nothing will be able to stop them, till they are erected in Eelia (Bait ul Muqadas)” (Masnad Ahamd Tirmizi)

He (May peace be upon him) explained

“When you see that black flags from Khurasaan have arrived, then join them. As the Khalifah of Allah, Mahdi will be amongst them” (Masnad Ahmad, Mashkoh)

Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates a tradition that

“Lucky are Taaliqaan(a place in Afghanistan) as it contains the treasures of Allah. But these treasures are not in the form of gold or silver but people who recognise Allah as he should be truly recognised. And they will be helpers of Mahdi”. (Kanzal Imaal).

In a tradition of Hazrat Ali (May peace be upon him) another place has been identified. Prophet (May peace be upon him) said

“A person will start from Transoxania (Mavra-un-Nahr). He will be called by the name of Haris (Kisaan/farmer). The name of the person appointed at the front of his army would be Mansur. Who will strengthen or pave the way for Aal e Muahmmad (lineage of Muhammad)(May peace be upon him)”. (Abu Dawud)

These three areas Khurasan, Talqaan and Transoxania, where are they.

In the time of the Prophet (May peace be upon him) the borders of Khurasan was between River Oxus and River Indus. This included Afghanistan, area of Sarhad, west and south region of Pakistan. The Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchistan was also a part of Khorasan. Talqaan purely is the land of Pashtuns. Transoxania is the area which includes Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkamanistan, Azerbaijan and Chechniya. Now imagine for yourself from the extent of the limits of the camp of the people of faith (Ahle Imaan),

that who will now be tested and tried. Who are the people Allah is turning into gold by throwing them in a cauldron of fire. Select any military training guide or inspect any military training ground, you will realise the hardships that the soldiers are made to go through, those who have to face the enemy. Then those people who have to fight the war that started with the creation of this world and will end in its destruction. Because my beloved Rasul (May peace be upon him) had said that there is no messenger who did not warn people about the ‘Fitna of Dajaal’.

He (May peace be upon him) himself used to pray after every Salah to seek refuge from the ‘Fitna of Dajaal’. People fighting such war are trained like this. They are passed through such hardships of furnaces, through which the people of these areas are passing through.

Sometimes I see the people of this wasted, waterless land, devoid of any resources. I inspect their simplicity and innocence and am bewildered in amazement. That Allah grants such people victory over elite world powers with best of technology. The height of simplicity is reflected from the conditions of negotiations with America laid down by a minister of Talibaan to an important personality. That important personality was also amused at the simplicity of Talibaan when she was narrating these conditions of negotiations to me. Conditions were that to accept the Emirates of Afghanistan, to consider their Islamic emirate as a khilafat for the whole Muslim world, to give them the right of veto in the Security Council and they should be considered an atomic power also.

This amount of simplicity and innocence and on the other side US and its 48 allies are shivering with fear. In the latest edition of Newsweek the interviews recorded from the Taliban commanders are astonishing. One was asked, till when you will fight the war. The reply was, no time is decreed, if not me then my son, if not my son then his son will continue fighting. There is no concept of such a war in the West. If their limb is cut off they drag oneself to their bunker. One sentence is amazing which they have said to the American media. You people have moments, but we have time.

(To be continued)

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( Has the Moment Arrived??-part 2)کیا وقت آن پہنچا ہے؟ اوریا مقبول جان ۲

  کیا وقت آن پہنچا ہے؟ اوریا مقبول جان ۲.                        Has the Moment Arrived? Part 2

This hadith of Hadi e Barhaq (he who guides to the truth) (may peace be upon him) which clearly shows the state before the advent of Dajjal. The practicality of it, or if we use the modern terminology, the universality of it, is widespread and manifest in today’s world to an extent that if you travel from the Island of Hawaii to the surroundings of Australia, you will witness the obvious according to the saying of Rasul Allah(may peace be upon him) that these years will be of deceit and deception. The thing which is most uncommon and rare today is truth. Twenty to twenty-five years from today truth was a personal trait of an individual or an attitude of the society. But today truth has been forcefully hijacked by one thing, that thing is media. This media was once owned by more than a hundred different owners. And a few amongst them used to raise the voice of conscience. But since the past five years 97% of the media is owned by three big companies. This act was started in 1997 and within a span of ten years this weapon was made exclusive for a few hands only.

What an amazing thing, this media is, it proves right what it wants to and falsifies what it wants to. The reigns of the world’s living, social style, ethics and everything is in the hands of the media. For twenty-five years it tells us that the beauty of the women is being size zero. The whole world goes after this. Then it contradicts its own stance in the name of research and says that a suitable amount of flesh and weight is important. Suddenly the whole world changes its lifestyle accordingly. At the dinner table it changed the bottle of water into a soft drink and swapped the handkerchief with tissue paper. It attracted the whole world towards the pleasantness of polythene bags and then declared them environment unfriendly and inclined the world to relinquish them. It first promotes homosexuality in the name of human rights and then on the basis of scientific research proves lineal and inbred emotions and declares homosexuality legitimate.

The way of life of the whole world, has been held hostage by the media on the basis of lies, hypocrisy and deception, there is no example of it in the past five thousand years. We cannot even think if there is any other truth than this. Can we think that without democracy we can live in peace? Can we think that without this chaotic music, dance, films and that also filled with thrilling suspense or provocative sexuality there can be colour in our life. Can we even imagine that only eighty years before, there was no such thing as visa and passport in this world? And this world was not divided into so many pieces. The biggest crime today is human trafficking. This story of misleading this society into lies and deception is so long that many books can be written on it. But it is very evident and apparent that if this media wants to sell poison in the name of medicine to this world in hostage, no one will question it, it will be accepted as the truth. There are not one but many horrendous examples as that of Poland, which was made to use poisonous toothpaste, a form of chemical weapon. The Hadith said that a liar will be made into a truthful and a truthful will be made into a liar. The dishonest (khayantdaar) will be made into a honest person (amanatdaar) and dishonest will be declared as honest. Look around the television screens spread around you and pick up the bundles of print media, and see how falsehood is presented as the truth. A common man in this world is thinking that they are telling a lie, but he gets lost in this chaos. Israel in its defence kills Palestinian infants. There were one hundred thousand Darandaz in Kashmir, who were murdered by the Army. Iraq has chemical weapons, attack is legitimate, 1.1 Million murdered. Afghanistan, where these is no telephone or computer, not even railway lines, from there some set out to attack the World Trade Centre, six billion people of the world watch this drama on media. And declare the attacks legitimate on the Talibans living in mud houses.

Thirty or fourty years back when Vietnam was attacked, there were a great number of people who said the truth, who called it cruelty. Great literature was produced due to this resistance. More than half the world used to call this a lie, that America undertook this step for the protection of the people. Same situation was when Russia had occupied Afghanistan. Majority of the people did not believe that Russia had sent their Army to enforce peace in Afghanistan.

Today the one who says the truth or sides with it, you will find him in emptiness and void. Media will declare and prove such a person as a partner of terrorists, old fashioned mullah, backward and a liar. Apart from only a few who recognize the truth no one will be ready to speak for him. This 97% media, in the hands of three companies, is paving way for Dajjal before his arrival. And it seems that it is not long before the prophecies of my Hadi e Barhaq (may peace be upon him) will be proved true word by word.

The basic rule of research is that a theory is at first considered as a hypothesis. Then it is tested under conditions and events as a trial. If the hypothesis is proved true, then the theory takes the form of a truth. This is then called as a fact in the language of research. Test and try this hadith of Syed ul Anbia (may peace be upon him) on any region, country or continent of today. It will be clearly evident and obvious to you, that these are the few years before the arrival of Dajjal, in which deceit and deception will be very common.

The principal of research is that if a basic rule is proved to be true, then the remaining theory is considered as reliable. I have complete faith and belief in all sayings of Syed ul Anbia (may peace be upon him), for me to even doubt them is Kufr (apostasy). But these bitten by the current media, the intellectuals, even if they are Muslims, they have to be told in this manner and language, this is in which media has trained them. It is a survey, it is a research, it is a ‘fact finding’. After this hadith of the Sarkar e Do Alam (leader of both worlds)(may peace be upon him), it is important to mention the details of the years which he(may peace be upon him) has told in his(may peace be upon him) other sayings. What is about to happen, what turn this world will take, who will be waging war against whom, how will faith be kept intact. Who will be the guided one, and will lead the people of faith. From which land people will emerge as hope for victory and triumph. And my land, my Pakistan, what role it will play. The land, from which my Rasul (May peace be upon him) could feel a cool breeze from. About which Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him) said a beautiful sentence filled with love.

“I am an Arab, but Arabia is not in me. I am not a Hindi, but Hind is in me” (Abdul Hameed Siddiqui – Tibrani and Ausat)

This centre of hope of my Rasul (May peace be upon him), how it has to get ready, get prepared and prove truth as the truth and falsehood as false!!


Pakistan and US/NATO are officially at war now! Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Pakistan and US/NATO are officially at war now! Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid.

Deep sea-mystery

Ho Sakey To Karo Khud Mein Kashish Paida,  

Yu’n Har Kisi Ko Hasrat Se Dekha Nahi Karte,

…Har Shakhs Nahi Hota Har Shakhs K Kabil,

Har Kisi Ko Apne Liye Parkha Nahi Karte,

 Mujh Ko Sumjhn’a  Hai To Mujh Mein Utar Kar Dekho,

 Yun Kinaron Se Samandar Ko Dekha Nahi Karte,

 Maghroor Mujhay Dunya Kehti Hai To Kehne Do,

 Hum Har Kisi Ko Mu’r Kar Dekha nahi Kerte

Mohabbat toh Iba’dat hai

Aur Ibadat mei Shirk kia nahi Kerte, 

Tum Loa’t k Anay ka Takkaluf mut kerna

Hum Aik Mohabbat, Baa’r baar Nahi Kerte!!! 

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