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Has the Moment Arrived -PART 3??

According to the sayings of Rasul e Rahmat (May peace be upon him), the few years before the arrival of Dajaal, that will of deceit and deception, to a large extent can be applicable to the world of today. This load of deceit and deception is moved forward by the force of media, which is gathering the Dajjali forces and uniting them under a single agenda for the coming times. The macro level condition of this agenda is evident by this saying of Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him) and, the slaughter and murder prevalent today.

He (May peace be upon him) said

“Ulema (scholars) will definitely face an era, where they will be murdered like thieves are murdered.” (Al Taqreeb Al Meezan)

Hazrat Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) said

“Ulema (scholars) will definitely face an era, where their death will be more beloved then red gold.” (Mutadarak Hakim)

Look all around you, from the global media to any local newspaper, magazine or television screen. You will only be shown and presented as symbols of hatred only and only those whose faces and outlook were once a symbol of religiosity and chastity. From the police check post’s to airports, important buildings and borders around the world, the people with the outlook and dressing of a vagabond, alcoholic or hooligan are not stopped.

But the person whose dressing and outlook till yesterday was recognised with a relation to Allah, he today has to face humiliation and disrespect like a thief, robber or a terrorist. If we prepare a list of the 1.5 million who were martyred in Iraq and Afghanistan, you will not find amongst them any alcohol trader, casino owner, pimp, extortioner or a global narcotic smuggler. But majority amongst them are those who spent their day and nights in the fear of Allah, who had trust and reliance on Allah like the Muslims of the past. Even if the whole world with their material power over runs them, they alone would raise the voice of truth. All these 1.5 Million were neither Al Qaeda, neither Taliban nor terrorists. But they all were killed like thieves, vagabonds and dacoits. If today anyone voices in their favour, then people say that he is a partner of the terrorists, he is a Taliban, and he is an Al Qaeda. Like this we are living in an era which is of deceit and deception,

as per the prophecy of my Rasul (May peace be upon him). In which those who hold some connection with Allah Taala and hold the knowledge of his deen are being murdered like thieves.

In this era and before the advent of Dajaal, in both sides the preparation will remain in progress. The forces corroborating with Dajaal will continue to strengthen his system. So when he arrives, he will use this already established system to implement his agenda.

And on the other side my Allah in opposition to this system will continue to strengthen the resistive and defensive forces. Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him) clarified and enlightened us about the preparations of both the systems

He (May peace be upon him) said

“When people will be divided into two camps… One is the Ahle Imaan (people of faith) camp, which will not contain any hypocrisy… The second camp will be of hypocrites, which will contain no Imaan (faith). And when the people of faith will be on one side and hypocrites gathered on the other side, then wait for Dajaal, he will appear today or tomorrow.” (Abu Dawud ‘Mutadarik’ Al Fatan Naeem bin Hammad)”

Now let us see where the camp of the people of faith is. Which is the land, about which it has been said that from it will appear those that will struggle? And will face the might of Dajaal. They will be the soldiers of Syedna Imam Mehdi. My beloved Rasul (May peace be upon him) clearly defined and expressed this land.

“When the black flags will appear from the East. Nothing will be able to stop them, till they are erected in Eelia (Bait ul Muqadas)” (Masnad Ahamd Tirmizi)

He (May peace be upon him) explained

“When you see that black flags from Khurasaan have arrived, then join them. As the Khalifah of Allah, Mahdi will be amongst them” (Masnad Ahmad, Mashkoh)

Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates a tradition that

“Lucky are Taaliqaan(a place in Afghanistan) as it contains the treasures of Allah. But these treasures are not in the form of gold or silver but people who recognise Allah as he should be truly recognised. And they will be helpers of Mahdi”. (Kanzal Imaal).

In a tradition of Hazrat Ali (May peace be upon him) another place has been identified. Prophet (May peace be upon him) said

“A person will start from Transoxania (Mavra-un-Nahr). He will be called by the name of Haris (Kisaan/farmer). The name of the person appointed at the front of his army would be Mansur. Who will strengthen or pave the way for Aal e Muahmmad (lineage of Muhammad)(May peace be upon him)”. (Abu Dawud)

These three areas Khurasan, Talqaan and Transoxania, where are they.

In the time of the Prophet (May peace be upon him) the borders of Khurasan was between River Oxus and River Indus. This included Afghanistan, area of Sarhad, west and south region of Pakistan. The Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchistan was also a part of Khorasan. Talqaan purely is the land of Pashtuns. Transoxania is the area which includes Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkamanistan, Azerbaijan and Chechniya. Now imagine for yourself from the extent of the limits of the camp of the people of faith (Ahle Imaan),

that who will now be tested and tried. Who are the people Allah is turning into gold by throwing them in a cauldron of fire. Select any military training guide or inspect any military training ground, you will realise the hardships that the soldiers are made to go through, those who have to face the enemy. Then those people who have to fight the war that started with the creation of this world and will end in its destruction. Because my beloved Rasul (May peace be upon him) had said that there is no messenger who did not warn people about the ‘Fitna of Dajaal’.

He (May peace be upon him) himself used to pray after every Salah to seek refuge from the ‘Fitna of Dajaal’. People fighting such war are trained like this. They are passed through such hardships of furnaces, through which the people of these areas are passing through.

Sometimes I see the people of this wasted, waterless land, devoid of any resources. I inspect their simplicity and innocence and am bewildered in amazement. That Allah grants such people victory over elite world powers with best of technology. The height of simplicity is reflected from the conditions of negotiations with America laid down by a minister of Talibaan to an important personality. That important personality was also amused at the simplicity of Talibaan when she was narrating these conditions of negotiations to me. Conditions were that to accept the Emirates of Afghanistan, to consider their Islamic emirate as a khilafat for the whole Muslim world, to give them the right of veto in the Security Council and they should be considered an atomic power also.

This amount of simplicity and innocence and on the other side US and its 48 allies are shivering with fear. In the latest edition of Newsweek the interviews recorded from the Taliban commanders are astonishing. One was asked, till when you will fight the war. The reply was, no time is decreed, if not me then my son, if not my son then his son will continue fighting. There is no concept of such a war in the West. If their limb is cut off they drag oneself to their bunker. One sentence is amazing which they have said to the American media. You people have moments, but we have time.

(To be continued)

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