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Spiritual Dimensions of PAKISTAN!

Pakistan is a phenomenon which only a person who is Pakistani at heart can understand! A few years back I was also confused about what will happen and why is everything bad happening in Pakistan? There was a thought in my mind that I should also try to get a chance to “Run away” to some distant land.

But as I was raised up with the words of “Pakistan Hamari Jaan”, the thought of running away from Pakistan wasn’t accepted by the heart that still had some greenness left in it.

So I started searching for answers if the situation in Pakistan will ever get better.

As most of the worldly things about Pakistan didn’t give a positive image I was led to the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan.

As soon as I start exploring the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan it was as if some Ray of hope had entered my heart. Wherever I started looking I saw the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan in action.


 From the predictions of Naimat-ullah Shah Wali some 900 years back to the still living Awliya Allah, everyone had some secrets to tell. I still remember asking a Buzurg What is Pakistan? His reply was like an eye opener for me to change the way I look at Pakistan he said

“This land is where Allah showed his power and will show his power” His words that Allah showed his power in this land point towards history of Muhammad Bin Qasim, Shabuddin Ghauri, Mughals and various Muslim commanders whom Allah used to show his power.”

But I didn’t understand in future how will a nation with great ethnic divide and sectarianism used by Allah to show his power?

As Pakistan very cleverly and with great investment from the Zionist lobby has been given the gift of ethnic divide and racism. Political parties aided these secret societies in creating the ethnic divide.

Today in Pakistan you are a Sindi, Punjabi, Balochi, Mohajir, Pathan and God knows what but not a Pakistani.

But suddenly a country known for its terrorism United States of America started using threatening words against Pakistan and what was the result? For some moments all the investment went to waste as every common man started saying,unity

 O’America! This isn’t Afghanistan; this isn’t Iraq, This Is Pakistan! At that moment no one thought of anything else instead that we all are Pakistani’s!

America might have thought that after great investment in Pakistani media and political parties

they have done enough to break Pakistan and the Pakistani people will not respond to American threats

but that is what they thought as we again proved that for us only the sight of the enemy is enough to unite us.

 I believe that after so many failures in breaking Pakistan even the Zionist lobby would be saying What Is Pakistan?

Coming back to the spiritual dimension of Pakistan one very important prediction about Pakistan comes from a very famous saint of Islamabad Hazrat Imam Bari.

Mumtaz Mufti in his book “Alak Nagri” on page 760 writes that Qudratullah Shahab told him that in Holland he was going through one of the largest collection of Islamic books that suddenly his eyes came on a handwritten book in whichit was written that Hazrat Bari Imam said thatmadina sani

“In our area one Islamic city will come into existence which will become

the centerof all Islamic countries.”

The first Muslim state which was formed by the migration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and other Muslims was Medina. After 1300 years another Muslim state was formed by the migration of Muslims. What the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did for Islam was repeated by those who created Pakistan. This honor was also only for our ancestors.

Pakistan is at the centre of all the news in the world which hints thatlove you pak

we have a very strong role to play in the future.

We should start understanding the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan

end of americaand the role it plays as today the ground realities are severely against Pakistan but still we stand today against all odds because without doubt Allah is the best planners.”


source: excerpt from Article-what is Pakistan

author:Abdul Qadir Memon 

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