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( Has the Moment Arrived??-part 2)کیا وقت آن پہنچا ہے؟ اوریا مقبول جان ۲

  کیا وقت آن پہنچا ہے؟ اوریا مقبول جان ۲.                        Has the Moment Arrived? Part 2

This hadith of Hadi e Barhaq (he who guides to the truth) (may peace be upon him) which clearly shows the state before the advent of Dajjal. The practicality of it, or if we use the modern terminology, the universality of it, is widespread and manifest in today’s world to an extent that if you travel from the Island of Hawaii to the surroundings of Australia, you will witness the obvious according to the saying of Rasul Allah(may peace be upon him) that these years will be of deceit and deception. The thing which is most uncommon and rare today is truth. Twenty to twenty-five years from today truth was a personal trait of an individual or an attitude of the society. But today truth has been forcefully hijacked by one thing, that thing is media. This media was once owned by more than a hundred different owners. And a few amongst them used to raise the voice of conscience. But since the past five years 97% of the media is owned by three big companies. This act was started in 1997 and within a span of ten years this weapon was made exclusive for a few hands only.

What an amazing thing, this media is, it proves right what it wants to and falsifies what it wants to. The reigns of the world’s living, social style, ethics and everything is in the hands of the media. For twenty-five years it tells us that the beauty of the women is being size zero. The whole world goes after this. Then it contradicts its own stance in the name of research and says that a suitable amount of flesh and weight is important. Suddenly the whole world changes its lifestyle accordingly. At the dinner table it changed the bottle of water into a soft drink and swapped the handkerchief with tissue paper. It attracted the whole world towards the pleasantness of polythene bags and then declared them environment unfriendly and inclined the world to relinquish them. It first promotes homosexuality in the name of human rights and then on the basis of scientific research proves lineal and inbred emotions and declares homosexuality legitimate.

The way of life of the whole world, has been held hostage by the media on the basis of lies, hypocrisy and deception, there is no example of it in the past five thousand years. We cannot even think if there is any other truth than this. Can we think that without democracy we can live in peace? Can we think that without this chaotic music, dance, films and that also filled with thrilling suspense or provocative sexuality there can be colour in our life. Can we even imagine that only eighty years before, there was no such thing as visa and passport in this world? And this world was not divided into so many pieces. The biggest crime today is human trafficking. This story of misleading this society into lies and deception is so long that many books can be written on it. But it is very evident and apparent that if this media wants to sell poison in the name of medicine to this world in hostage, no one will question it, it will be accepted as the truth. There are not one but many horrendous examples as that of Poland, which was made to use poisonous toothpaste, a form of chemical weapon. The Hadith said that a liar will be made into a truthful and a truthful will be made into a liar. The dishonest (khayantdaar) will be made into a honest person (amanatdaar) and dishonest will be declared as honest. Look around the television screens spread around you and pick up the bundles of print media, and see how falsehood is presented as the truth. A common man in this world is thinking that they are telling a lie, but he gets lost in this chaos. Israel in its defence kills Palestinian infants. There were one hundred thousand Darandaz in Kashmir, who were murdered by the Army. Iraq has chemical weapons, attack is legitimate, 1.1 Million murdered. Afghanistan, where these is no telephone or computer, not even railway lines, from there some set out to attack the World Trade Centre, six billion people of the world watch this drama on media. And declare the attacks legitimate on the Talibans living in mud houses.

Thirty or fourty years back when Vietnam was attacked, there were a great number of people who said the truth, who called it cruelty. Great literature was produced due to this resistance. More than half the world used to call this a lie, that America undertook this step for the protection of the people. Same situation was when Russia had occupied Afghanistan. Majority of the people did not believe that Russia had sent their Army to enforce peace in Afghanistan.

Today the one who says the truth or sides with it, you will find him in emptiness and void. Media will declare and prove such a person as a partner of terrorists, old fashioned mullah, backward and a liar. Apart from only a few who recognize the truth no one will be ready to speak for him. This 97% media, in the hands of three companies, is paving way for Dajjal before his arrival. And it seems that it is not long before the prophecies of my Hadi e Barhaq (may peace be upon him) will be proved true word by word.

The basic rule of research is that a theory is at first considered as a hypothesis. Then it is tested under conditions and events as a trial. If the hypothesis is proved true, then the theory takes the form of a truth. This is then called as a fact in the language of research. Test and try this hadith of Syed ul Anbia (may peace be upon him) on any region, country or continent of today. It will be clearly evident and obvious to you, that these are the few years before the arrival of Dajjal, in which deceit and deception will be very common.

The principal of research is that if a basic rule is proved to be true, then the remaining theory is considered as reliable. I have complete faith and belief in all sayings of Syed ul Anbia (may peace be upon him), for me to even doubt them is Kufr (apostasy). But these bitten by the current media, the intellectuals, even if they are Muslims, they have to be told in this manner and language, this is in which media has trained them. It is a survey, it is a research, it is a ‘fact finding’. After this hadith of the Sarkar e Do Alam (leader of both worlds)(may peace be upon him), it is important to mention the details of the years which he(may peace be upon him) has told in his(may peace be upon him) other sayings. What is about to happen, what turn this world will take, who will be waging war against whom, how will faith be kept intact. Who will be the guided one, and will lead the people of faith. From which land people will emerge as hope for victory and triumph. And my land, my Pakistan, what role it will play. The land, from which my Rasul (May peace be upon him) could feel a cool breeze from. About which Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him) said a beautiful sentence filled with love.

“I am an Arab, but Arabia is not in me. I am not a Hindi, but Hind is in me” (Abdul Hameed Siddiqui – Tibrani and Ausat)

This centre of hope of my Rasul (May peace be upon him), how it has to get ready, get prepared and prove truth as the truth and falsehood as false!!


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