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Dad’s love…another tear softly falls,missin you!

I miss you more every day
I love you in every single way

I hope your ok in the sky
One day I will try not to cry

I hope your watching down on me
I do wish I could see

Why did you have to go?
But I guess we’ll never know

It wasn’t your time to die
I never got a chance to say goodbye

I never got a chance to explain to you
How much I did care for you

I love you dad,
I’ll try not to be too sad

I love and miss you so much
Goodbye for now until I see you in my dreams

And everyday I picture you
I remember you
And everyday I struggle with the reality that you’re gone
And with that struggle I make it threw another day

I pretend to be ok everyday
And it’s always hard to deal with the pain of loosing you

“march13 2011…….the most painful day ever in my life!!…………..”

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